Hi we are Soren and Sine!
We're a small family business dedicated to creating lively wall art for your home! Here's how it all started!

In 2021 we transitioned to our new home and fell in love with it! Yet, it felt bare without any wall decor, so adding color was essential to liven it up.

Recognizing the absence of wall art highlighted its significance in transforming a living space into a comforting haven, prompting us to start designing our own.

When friends and family showed interest in the art and asked where we got it, we saw an opportunity to create a small family business.

A passion for wall art

We invest substantial time and resources into developing original and compelling wall art items that are of top-notch quality and project a professional image.

Fruit Market Poters

Fruit Market posters are appealing and reminiscent of travel experiences, providing a colorful and updated look to your wall decor.

Travel Posters

There's a portugese phrase called 'saudade Sojourns' that describes the instant you revisit a cherished memory and reminisce about all the wonderful experiences. This encapsulates travel posters!

Watercolor Illustrations

Watercolor's appealing and timeless style makes it ideal for wall art, showcasing colors in a vibrant and depthful manner.

Cat Posters

We too adore animals, and cat posters exude charm, humor, and elegance concurrently. Additionally, we craft frog and Bird posters.

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BRAND NEW! Mushroom Posters

in 2024 we initiated the creation of mushroom posters featuring diverse fungi, colors, moss, and the lush, colorful atmosphere of the forest floor.

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